JEL New Technology Introduction


Robot with shuttle end-effectors with rotation function

1. Multi-Joint type robot for convenient usage. 2. Shuttle end effector. 3. More economic than single end effector 


Robot with alignment function end effector

1. For fan-out process. 2. Auto center alignment  function.


JEL-SAL3000HV full auto adjustment aligner

1.Alignment parameter could be adjustable by user. 2.Increase operating efficiency for multi-material wafer alignment.


Disco frame handling robot

1.For Disco frame handle. 2.Clip type end effector is more stable & safety.

Promotion SEMICON Japan 2016

Promotion video at SEMICON JAPAN 2016

1.Introduce JEL vary kinds robot application for wafer transportation. 2.JEL could offer optimized robot to meet customer different transported requirement.